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A new puppy in the home brings renewed energy, love, and excitement with all the possibilities life has to offer. They are our “yang” energies, full of life, energy, and playfulness. However, for a dog, being in a new environment can bring fear and insecurities. Our puppies need stability, groundedness, and security. Adding some “yin” in the environment will help balance their energies, especially at bedtime.
According to Feng Shui principles, the Earth element gives one a sense of belonging, permanence, and a feeling of connectedness. When looking for bedding or blankets for a new puppy, rely on the Earth element by incorporating the earth tone colors (brown, yellow, terra cotta, sand tones, gray) with a square pattern. In all your decision-making, keep in mind the way dogs see color. Humans see a full spectrum of colors, while studies show that the dog’s world consists of yellows, blues, and grays. Like a human with red-green color blindness, they are unable to tell the difference between red and green. When a human perceives a red object, it appears yellow to the dog.
Crating your new family member is another way to give them a feeling of security or a sense of a “cave”. Whether or not you will be crating, place his/her bedding in a corner away from doors and with as little activity and drafts as possible. There are wonderful “dens” on the market that replicate nature. These den environments provide a feeling of warmth, security, and privacy, while also integrating the life source of nature.
Our older friends need the same consideration when it comes to home design and planning. There are wonderful products on the market that offer orthopedic beds for aching joints. Like a new puppy, our older friends may at times have “accidents” and choosing bedding with fabrics that prevents moisture, bacteria, and stains from accumulating in the fibers, allows for a more pleasing experience for both humans and pets. Crypton fabric washes like a dream, and offers freedom in design with little worry about wear and tear.

Failing eyesight can be an issue with our elderly dogs, and the principles of “way finding” (used by hospitals and nursing homes) can be utilized. Our pets cannot read letters, but they understand the difference between a hard surface (wood floor) and a soft surface (carpet). By adding simple elements we can make it easier and less stressful for our pets to find their familiar way to their food, beds, or a comfortable spot on our laps or by our feet. Using runners or carpets that lead to food and elimination areas assists pets in finding their way, with less stress and more accuracy. Remember to use non-skid matting under your carpets or runners. This can reduce stress and anxiety for an animal, ensuring firm footedness (or pawness). Rearranging furniture should be considered very carefully with an older dog, as it can cause stress and confusion in an animal that knows exactly where things used to be.

You can also take advantage of your dog’s most highly developed sense – the sense of smell – to make them more comfortable in your home. Dogs have about 25 times more olfactory (smell) receptors than humans do. Knowing the characteristics of each smell, and their properties, allows us to consciously use them where they are most needed. As humans, we respond to the pleasant and calming smell of lavender, and know the energetic feeling of sniffing peppermint. This is the same for dogs. To aid “way finding” in your home, use a scent that will call your dog to the action you wish them to take. For instance, using one aroma where your dog’s food and water bowl is located, like peppermint or spearmint, can guide them in the right direction when it is time to eat. You might want to use a different aroma leading them toward their elimination area or toward the door, like an earthy or woodsy scent.
Part of creating a healthy, happy, balanced home for your pet is removing as many toxins as possible from your environment. Take into consideration the Volatile Organic Chemical (VOC) in paints. When using paints in your remodeling, find those with zero VOC. Paint emits off-gas (that terrible paint smell we have experienced) and continues to expend toxins for up to 18 months after application, affecting breathing. Keep your environment healthy by being aware of these and other toxins in cleaning, hygiene and beauty products.

Another way to bring Feng Shui to dogs of any age is to utilize the properties of the Water element. Feng Shui’s Water element, represented in blue and black, augments digestion, allowing more time to relax. This makes a perfect color combination for food bowls and dining rooms, for instance. Providing a food dish for your dog that is black or blue will allow your pet to slow down the eating process, especially helpful if your dog has a tendency to gulp down his/her food. Combine these colors with the Earth element’s square shape to further assist in slower digestion. Avoid round food dishes (the Metal element) as this will cause your pet to eat more since circles will not allow our eyes to rest on one spot but your pet will continually search round and round for food. Keep in mind that water and food bowls should be elevated to make eating and drinking easier, especially for elderly animals. It is recommended that feeding and watering bowls be positioned about six inches below the pet’s wither height (top of its front shoulder). For small dogs, subtract four inches. You can also find square and elevated food and water bowls for your pets that are aesthetically pleasing so they complement your existing décor.

About the Author: Brenda Peisinger is the proprietor of Wellness Designs and Healing Paws. She incorporates feng shui and interior design elements and principles not only in her life, but in the lives of her dogs. For additional information, visit Healing Paws and Wellness Designs. Call 77-885-3254 for more information about our Ebook and Meditation plus pet jewelry available for pet

Along with pug and shih tzu, the boston terrier is considered as brachycephalic dog – dog with short snout, tiny nostrils, long palates and narrow trachea. This made them sensitive to excessive heat as well as extremely cold weather. So if you happen to own a boston terrier, the fact is clear that they are more likely to suffer from weather-related problems such as heat stroke.

Since dogs don’t have the ability to speak and talk to you when they are sick, knowing the signs and symptoms of a specific problem can help you determine if there is something wrong with Fido. A dog’s temperature is normally between 101 and 102 degrees Fahrenheit. A rise of three degrees and above is dangerous to your dog. Early signs of dehydration include heavy panting, hyperventilation or deep breathing and increased salivation and dry gums later on. As the condition progresses towards heat stroke, paleness, weakness, vomiting and diarrhea may also occur along with shallowing of the breathing efforts, slowed or absent breathing efforts and worst, seizures or coma.

Knowing these signs is very important because this condition can cause permanent damage to your dog if left without intervention. To treat heat stroke, here are some steps to be taken immediately:

- Transfer your dog to a cool place such as an air conditioned room or a shady place.
- Wet or immerse the dog in cool water or place in front of a fan
- Allow the dog to have small drinks of water every few minutes

If the symptoms persist, take your dog to the veterinarian as soon as possible. Heat stroke can be extremely dangerous if you cannot cool down your dog’s temperature within 20 minutes.

Luckily, there are various ways you can do to prevent heat stroke.

- Provide easy access to fresh water everyday
- Wet a dog before doing physical activities or before going out into a hot day
- Keep crates out of direct sunlight

In order to remain on the safe side, it is always recommended not to let a boston terrier out into a hot day. Physical activities or exercise should be set aside for later or must be done in a less hot location.

About the Author: Richard Cussons loves various dog breeds such as the boston terrier. His aim is to help dog owners make boston terrier training easy and successful.

The old adage “you can clue an animal to water, but you can’t make him choice” was definitely coined by somebody who knew nothing about affection-based animal teaching. If that anyone had known about, and had practical the principles of education animals based ahead affection and relationship-edifice strategies, the slogan most maybe would not even survive.

Let’s originate by exploring the center of teaching exotic animals, which is called operant conditioning. This prime education policy lays the foundation ahead which the principles of affection-based schooling are built. Through operant conditioning, exotic animals learn from their own behaviors as they are relevant to the environments in which they exist. The probability that a limited animal conduct moreover increases or decreases is frankly proportionate to the consequences the animal experiences. In other lexis, certain fallout fabricate convinced behaviors in exotic animals, resultant in the enlarged chances that such conduct will be recurring.

It is amazing how parallel affection-based teaching in exotic animals compares to the same techniques when applied to be beings. For instance, a baby who brings home a fantastic account license basically because he chose to request himself at educate is prone to maintain making high marks when he receives recognition and praise from his parents. If the same teen’s parents pay no attention to his accomplishments at teach, it is exceedingly doable that the daughter’s enthusiasm for a job well done will be significantly, if not completely diminished. The teen’s approach promptly changes to a “why worry?” mindset.

Exotic animals reply precisely the same way … No praise, no motivation to recur the assured conduct. Without a confirmed outcome, the animal is far fewer potential to duplicate the certain, beloved behavior.

Acclimating Exotic Animals to New Environments

Building a strapping relationship with an exotic animal should instigate in the first probable playhouse of the animal’s life. Whether you have a young tiger cub, a babe bronzed develop, a baby elephant or any other exotic animal, it is essential that the animal becomes acclimated and is comfortable with the creature proclaim and the soul stir. Begin with container-feeding and elicit the animal as part of your family, much as you would a new baby. As the animal grows, so does the relationship, with the animal accepting you as a part of its tribe.

Again, this part of the exotic animal schooling experience is intriguingly like that of the soul experience. Consider the post in which a new worker comes on stay as the outcome of her issue’s being acquired by your business. If the new employee is treated with a “hands-off” attitude, it is very probable that her potential for high performance on the job will never be realized. However, if she is tenderly standard, treated with reverence and given believe for what she brings to the diagram, it is awfully likely that she will present well in her new business environment and be a valued portion of your lineup.

Positive Reinforcement in Training Exotic Animals

It is a given that exotic animals respond to experience they perceive as corporeal. In other words, a tiger will achieve as preferred if it receives a convinced rejoinder as an experience it can feel, think, see or taste. These forms of reinforcement are important and certain, providing the tiger with a spur, whether as a rub down, uttered praise, food or even opportunities for mating.

An exact and amazing example of how teaching exotic animals with certain reinforcement generates preferred behavior can also be witnessed by observing the outcome in humans when they are also provided their respective stimuli. Think back to your younger time when you and your classmates each expected a crate of chocolates to retail to lift money for your teach. What could perhaps motivate kids to give up riding their bikes and playing ball after teach to go door-to-door difficult to market candy? Simple, it was the imply of an ice-cream troop for the caste who sold the most.

Another practice for teaching exotic animals to exhibit and recap positive behavior involves with conditioned reinforcement. This formed of reinforcement not practice or involuntary, but sooner is scholarly. Your exotic animal will learn over a stage of time and through repetition that if she performs the appropriate and preferred behavior that she will earn a jovial “Good Girl” and a well-deserved back rug.

For an idea of how conditioned reinforcement facility in schooling exotic animals, consider a greatly exotic species we call the being teenager. He would most possibly move gradually each morning the first week of his new summer job. However, once he earns his first wages, he is more likely than not to have a little bounce in his stage the trice week. He has erudite direct, and much to his delight, that departing to work equals a salary, which is his spur. Likewise, if the top yearly producer on your sales employees is recognized with an “all expenses salaried” golf falter, it is an assured bet that he will be an amazing go-getter next year and put onward his best labors towards achieving the same reward.

Regardless of the species of exotic animal with which you are effective, a strategically devised training diagram that incorporates basics of both principal reinforcement and conditional reinforcement ensures you the best outcome in achieving desired results with your animal. Relationships that are established and fostered early on in which the animal is nurtured intensely permit you to become the leader pretty than tiresome to assume the task as master, which inevitably leads to frustration for both you and your animal.

Achieve amazing results in exotic animal training by putting relationship-structure, affection-based training concepts to work for you today. The method ensures best results every time. Both you and your exotic animal deserve the best opportunity for winner, and hands-down, these principles of animal training are the stepping shingle ahead which you can achieve the winner you each deserve.

About the Author: For tips on life cycle of a frog and african dwarf frog, visit the Frog Facts website.

The invention and proliferation of electronic dog training collars resulted in a much easier, less time consuming dog training. These collars allow dog owners to train their dogs at home, and often save them money and time by not requiring them to take their dogs to training classes anymore.


Depending on how they correct dogs, electronic dog training collars are classified in three different types. These include electric dog training collars, sonic collars and citronella spray collars.

Electric Collars

These collars operate by offering a harmless, mild static electric shock when the collar senses the vibrations of the vocal chord of the pet. Some models work by having the owner activate the collar with a remote control with the press of a button.

The advantage of this type of training collar is the effectiveness in making the pet understand his unacceptable behavior. The collar is also very easy to use. The challenge that is associated with this type of collar however, is the ambiguity regarding the usage of static electric shock to train dogs.

Sonic Collars

The other type of electronic training collars involve the use of sound. These sonic collars emit a sound that only dogs can hear and which prevents them from keep barking. These collars are very innovative and they are prefered by those who think that the static delivering ones are cruel.

Spray Collars

This type of collar offers yet another approach. This collar literally sprays the dog’s muzzle with an annoying scent of citronella whenever the dog tries to bark while the collar is active. This is considered by some the best type of electronic collar available, although it requires some extra work, such as constantly refilling the spray canisters to keep the collar working, and taking the canister off at night so the dog can rest.

About the Author: There are three types of electronic dog training collars. Static delivering collars, sound based collars, and spray based collars. If you want to know more about electric dog training collars, you always consult a dog trainer.

Okay, now you have decided that you want to adopt a kitten. The next step is deciding the manner in which you are going to obtain your new friend. From local classified ads to the Humane Society to kitten rescue services, there are countless ways to bring a new kitten into your home. One source in particular that many people have a tendency to overlook is the local kitten rescue service. You should really take another look, because there are particular advantages that you may not be fully aware of.

The primary difference between kitten rescue and other pet adoption services is the social environment that the kittens are subjected to while they are waiting to be chosen. Rather than being held primarily in a series of cages in one location, rescue kittens are fostered out to local volunteers so they can receive the individual care that many of them need. This individual care socializes them well to people, as well as ensures that they are fully trained to use the litter box.

Due to the fostering process inherent to these services, the individual kittens tend to be in better health than from other sources. Many of them are sick, abused, or abandoned when they are brought to kitten rescue, and their foster parents carefully nurse them back to health so they can be adopted. They are also given a thorough medical examination by a qualified veterinarian to ensure that they are in good health. In many cases, the adoption fee is applied directly to the costs of vaccinations and having the kitten spayed or neutered.

Many of the kittens that are delivered to kitten rescue are from the local Humane Society or animal shelter. These places, in order to ensure that there is room and funding for all the animals that come in, have to euthanize kittens that have gone unclaimed for too long. Kitten rescue gives them another chance at life. If you are a supporter of animal rights, that alone gives you reason to give these services a second look. Even if you aren’t, it still gives you the opportunity to find treasures that have been looked over by others.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to using a kitten rescue service for your kitten adoption needs. That is not to say that animal shelters and newspapers can’t unite you with a special, fuzzy little friend that will give you endless hours of joy, but kitten rescue offers a particular perspective and service that should be given due consideration.

About the Author: Visit the author’s website at to learn more about kitten rescue, as well as the care and training of newborn kittens.

Aging alone is hard on us all, yet being blind too does not make life easier. You have support however. Being blind makes it hard to be independent, feel safe and secure, which could lead into stress and depression. Even if you have blurred vision but can’t read, a guide dog might just be the answer for you or someone you know.

With the help of a guide dog, one could live independent and go about living a normal life. Imagine living in darkness. This is when a qualified Seeing Eye dog could give someone the healthy life they deserve by guiding them to the light of safety. The feeling of being safe and still be able to have a social life could make one safer and healthier knowing they have protection with them at all times. The giving of dignity and self-confidence that a guide dog can give a person is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened for the blind.

There are also hearing ear dogs trained to keep their masters safe and help them live a normal and healthy life. Hearing ear dogs are trained just like the Seeing Eye dogs to listen and watch for danger giving their master a safe environment. They too are to protect them and help give them a healthier and happy normal life.

A seeing eye dog and the hearing ear dogs have the life of 7-10 years and than is retired and can be replaced. These seeing and hearing guide dogs are trained to watch where the master is walking, to hear and see things that might harm them in some way. People even work regular jobs with their friend beside them guiding them through the everyday working tasks. Seeing and hearing dogs are trained to work not play at all times taking care of their master always watching and listening.

As we age, we need our exercise and socializing to keep us healthy. Being blind and not being able to hear are two very emotional things that can be very depressing especially if they were not born this way. If at one time a person could see or hear normally and all of a sudden diabetes or maybe even a stroke happens to cause them to lose their independence they are naturally going to feel lost and be afraid. A dog is man’s best friend and will give protection where and when it is needed.

When someone decides they might want to have a guide dog but are afraid it might not work out for them or can they trust each other enough to feel safe. The dogs and the new owners are trained together once the dog has learned their manners. The trainer will supervise during the training to teach the dog all your needs and the area so he can guide you through a large city street even. Don’t worry these dogs are trained to keep you healthy and happiness will help provide you with healthy aging?

Healthy aging means many things and one of them is the independence, dignity, safe feeling of protection at all times. What better way to aging if you can’t see or hear than to have a guide dog be your best friend?

If you can’t see or hear and thinking about getting you a guide dog do it soon. You will not forget the experience. Just think you’ll become more independent and will be able to stay alone to have your own personal life again. Keep safe with guide dogs, since being blind puts you at a deeper and higher risk in society.

About the Author: Read about wolf habitat and yellowstone wolves at the Wolf Facts website.

Want to give your pet the best accessory that does not only depict character, stylishness and classiness but also controls a dog’s behavior? Of course, you do as much as any dog owner does! The electric pet collar perhaps is the best thing to answer this query. It is a technology designed for training a dog. It is sometimes tagged as no-bark collar, e collar, talking collar, training collar and many others. Considering its use, it is surely a best buy with worthy purpose.

The electric pet collar comes with a remote control that is very user-friendly. With it working in simple ways, the owner could easily access to its uses and functions without hassle. So how does this training collar work? Well, whenever a dog exhibits undesirable behavior, the owner can use the remote to transmit a signal to the collar, which responds by giving out a warning tone that will in turn momentarily alert the pet. E collars can stimulate the dog to know his restrictions, thus it develops a sense of discipline. Training collars with waterproof receivers are also available so you would not have to worry about malfunctioning when it gets wet.

To understand better how these electric pet collars work, remember that remotes actually have pre-set frequencies and ranges. But there are also other types with multiple settings. Those kinds are a little more expensive than ordinary ones. There are types, which can detect signal from a hundred yards up to a mile. Aside from the difference in ranges, physical features also set the varied prices, because collars may come in assorted designs, shapes, colors, and in the material or fabric used. Some are intricately made with cotton, nylon, suede, leather or foam. Therefore, it depends on the owner’s choice for his pet. Then when you have chosen the right pick, it is up to you to adjust the stimulation levels based on the type of dog you own. But most prefer the gold, platinum, or silver collars because of its edgy and trendy appeal.

They come in assortment of sizes and styles, and could be very preferable in training big and working dogs because it tames even the most stubborn ones. Some dog owners attest to the benefit of these training collars after it has solved their dog behavior problems such as extreme and loud barking. Barking is a dog’s natural instinct but you as his guardian can take control. So if you too experience doggie bothers, why not get an e collar for your dog and see the results for yourself.

About the Author: Find more information, tips and tricks by visiting electric pet collar, e collar and training collars.

Our homes have been the homes of our pet cats. This does not mean however that you just have to keep them inside your house. You have to let them feel what is in the world outside. More than the basic needs of our cats, there are things like walking your cat outside that would surely help boost the total development of your cat.

When you take your pet for a walk, this would really be great for your cat pet. There are really great benefits from doing this activity. To do so would let your pet and you take a relieving break. Strolling around would entertain your pet and as well as stimulate it.

Another good thing about walking with your cat outdoors is that it would be able to overcome the boredom of being constrained inside your home. Just like us, cats also need to take some time and go outdoors. Being constrained may just make your pet depressed. It is really best to pamper your pet in the right way; to pamper your pet is not to keep him secluded from the outdoors.

Cats are not that expressive but studies show that behaviors of cats like scratching the furniture and others. This common behavior is one of the signs that may tell us that cats get bored too.

One thing more is that it could be the best form of exercise for your cat pet as well. There are cats which stay at home all the time that become overweight and to worse, become obese. We all know that this is not good and it could post a threat to the life of our pet.

Walking with your cats outdoors for it does not entail too much hassle, all you have to do is not only for your pet but it would surely entertain you as well. It would let you also spend some time outdoors, free from your busy schedule or the pressures of your tasks.

There are really good benefits when you walk your pet outdoors. You have to take time and feel the fun outside the walls of your home. It would definitely be a time to cherish, a time to savor.

About the Author: Find tips about cat illnesses and cat urinating at the About Animals website.

The sizable maturity of people, as far as I know, find exquisite flora to have a certain aesthetic profit. I find it very enjoyable to just sit and mind the plants grow in a stunning patch. The only unexciting thing about scrutiny a patch, which is perhaps what may be the very order which I find so relaxing, is the ennui of the undivided thing. There is very no action; but then again, when you are annoying to relax, who desires action? The belief plot would be a lovely backyard with just enough action on which to focus, but lacking enough action to eliminate the relaxing aspect of this non-activity. This is where the butterfly patch comes into play.

I would guess that everybody who enjoys looking at a plot also enjoys study butterflies go about their tasks in a backyard just as much, if not more. Butterflies are gorgeous, innocuous, and add a certain fortunate and lively look to just about any backyard. The only thing stopping anybody from spiraling his or her backyard into a butterfly patch is doubtless the actuality that he or she does not know how to do it. Well, my friends, it is easier than you probably would have thought.

The first thing to respect is where to commence your backyard if you do not already have an open plot. It is best to inception your butterfly patch in a place that already has flora, since the other plants will help the butterflies find your butterfly shelter. If, however, your butterfly backyard is the most gorgeous plot in the world, but it is in the interior of a vast grassy tackle, there will be no analyze for any butterflies to be in the neighborhood, and will hence not be able to find your patch. Therefore, it is forever best to open your butterfly patch in a place where there are plants already.

A butterfly patch should consist of a number of plants and flora that invite butterflies. These plants and flora should be a category of insignia and sizes. Lilacs and the like are good for attracting butterflies. The plants should be colorful, cheerful, and perfumed and should, if viable, inhibit some separate of food for the butterflies. These kinds of flora will help magnetize the butterflies and give them a mind to call your backyard home. Butterfly Milkweed is great for attracting butterflies, since it has light ginger flowers, but more importantly, since it will impart food for the caterpillars. If there are no caterpillars, there will be no butterflies, so custody the caterpillars glad is a good thing. You can ask a resident gardener or repress out examine online which flowers that attract butterflies will flourish in your particular climate.

Ideally, your butterfly garden will have the ability to tint all time long. There are many flowers and plants which will bestow food for the butterflies and caterpillars throughout the bounce, summer, and reduction. For these too, you should each seek or curb with a narrow landscaper to see which flowers will bloom in the different seasons in your particular climate.

Your butterfly garden will must some type of butterfly shelter and resting place for your winged friends. This should be a place where the butterflies and caterpillars will be able to rest and sojourn nontoxic when the rain and cold come. There should be some boring rocks in your garden also where the butterflies can soak up the sun. It would really be perfection if the rocks had small indentations or craters in them where water could assume, thus bountiful the butterflies a place to cocktail. You should also have a small log mint where the butterflies could go for shelter.

There are butterfly shelters that you could buy from a pile, but I would endorse against these butterfly shelters. The wits is basically that the butterfly shelter will probably become a wasp shelter before long, which will only give the butterflies intention to continue away. Nobody desires to mess with a wasp.

The last and most important thing you will ought to overall your butterfly garden is a good comfortable place for you to sit down and watch your butterfly garden “in action.” After all the hard work that you put into it, you indeed want the butterflies to have the port that you have produced for them, but you openly also want to be able to enjoy it manually. After all, let’s be honest about it, you may feeling butterflies, but the basis for your butterfly garden is for you to be able to enjoy it.

About the Author: Information on life cycle of a butterfly can be found at the Butterfly Facts site.

Ninety percent of health problems found in pets today can be blamed on poor nutrition in their diets. I found those facts while doing research to find out why my dog started to have seizures, and immediately changed my food to a homemade dog food diet.

Have you ever noticed how many pets are now dying from diseases that we humans have been fighting for ages?. Even small town Vets are reporting a large increase of business

After my research I feel the quality of commercial pet foods is playing a major roll in the increase of pet diseases

No matter what they say in their commercials, the pet food industry cares about one thing and that’s profits not the health of our pets. We can not continue to take chances with the lives of our loved ones, and that is why I have decided to transition my dogs to a homemade dog food diet.

To be a benefit to your dogs better health, you must understand that your homemade dog food must be nutritionally balanced No worries I founds some great recourses that I’ll share with you that will make this fun.

It’s as plain as the nose on your face. You have two choices, one you continue to allow the pet food industry control the health of your dog, or you take control and put him on a homemade dog food diet

This decision is a mater of life and death. Your dog could live to see 20 years old if you take action now, or take no action and he will die between the ages of 8 – 12

Research has proven that dogs should live to be around twenty not ten – twelve like most of us believe.. It can be summed up like this. Our dogs are what they eat, so continue to feed them crap and they’ll continue to die before their time. If we take the time to learn how to make them a nutritionally balanced homemade dog food, then they live longer.

You will have complete control over the ingredients and where they come from when I prepare my dog a homemade dog food diet, Making the food in your own kitchen means that you are preparing your dogs meals in a much cleaner environment then a pet food plant.

But as I said before we must do this right. It would do little good to make our homemade dog food out of processed foods. Although it would at least be food that was accepted for human consumption, we all know that processed foods are probably the reason for the spike in diseases found in humans.

This not as hard as it sounds because the research has already been done and all we need to do is follow some simple instructions.. I’m excited about my dogs living to be 20 because of what I have learned about homemade dog food.

I’m happy that I no longer need to worry about my dog’s food being on a dog food recall list. Join me and learn how to feed your dog, food that will never be on a dog food recall list by clicking here now.

About the Author: Take advantage of my many of hours of research and learn to feed your dog homemade dog food by clicking here.